The Nordic region presented in China

The Nordic countries are profiling themselves in China, both individually and as a region. The inauguration of a new building for the Nordic Centre at the Fudan University campus, various events at the World EXPO 2010 in Shanghai (photo) and a Nordic-Chinese Energy and Climate Day are some of the venues where focus is directed at the cooperation between the Nordic countries and China.
 The Nordic region presented in China
The percentage of research collaboration and researcher mobility between the Nordic countries and China is proportionally high and still growing in many areas. These are some of the results from the NordForsk-sponsored project ASIA NORIA-net on Nordic-Asian collaboration.

In the NORIA-net report, the relative absence of political tension is emphasised as the main strength of the cooperation, while a common profile for the Nordic countries in relation to China is regarded as an area with potential for improvement. On this area, the Nordic countries have made strong efforts recently.

World Expo 2010 in Shanghai has chosen the theme "Better City, Better Life". Attention is directed at the harmonious coexistence of different cultures, sustainable economic development, environment and research. Approximately 50 organisations and 192 countries will gather in the period May 1st to October 31st 2010, and the Nordic countries participate both individually with their national pavilions, and collectively as a region to spread knowledge about joint Nordic initiatives. Read more about Expo 2010 here.

The Nordic-Chinese Energy and Climate Day will take place on June 25th at the Shanghai World Expo. The event brings together ministers, business leaders, researchers and other key stakeholders from China and the Nordic region. The event will focus on how greater Chinese-Nordic cooperation and interaction can contribute to the development and deployment of clean energy and climate technologies. The day presents all five Nordic pavilions and will feature high-level keynote speakers, Nordic food, drink and entertainment. Read more about this here

A new building for the Nordic Centre at Fudan University’s main campus was inaugurated on May 26th. Fudan University is one of China’s best universities and also one of the most internationalised with more than 3000 foreign students enrolled every term. Last semester, 80 of these came from the Nordic counties.
The Nordic Centre is a joint venture between Fudan University and 25 Nordic universities to facilitate student exchange and research cooperation. Read more about this here

In connection with the opening of the Nordic Centre, the seminar The Welfare State and its response two global challenges in the 21st century was held in Shanghai. Among the participants was a delegation from NordForsk’s Nordic Centre of Excellence programme on welfare research. Senior adviser at NordForsk Harry Zilliacus, a former lecturer at Fudan University, served as chairman of the seminar. Approximately 100 participants from China and all the Nordic countries, and a comprehensive presentation of the research cooperation between the Nordic countries and China, laid the way for attention and constructive dialogue on the subject.

The book The Nordic Welfare State has recently been published in Chinese, and launched in Shanghai. The book is the result of an initiative by the Nordic Centre of Excellence NordWel. A number of the authors and three of four editors are strongly associated with the centre. Members of the Nordic Centre of Excellence REASSESS are also among the authors. Read more about this here

Text: Lisa H. Ekli
Photo: Harry Zilliacus

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