Three NCoEs in molecular medicine launched

Parkinson‘s, Alzheimer‘s, stroke, migraine, epilepcy, cancer and autoimmune and metabolic disturbancies are some examples of diseases subjects to the research of three Nordic networks that have been granted support from NorFA, NMR and NOS-M.
During the years 2004-2009 the three networks based in Norway, Sweden and Finland respectively will each receive approximately 2 million Euro annually. The grants will cover researcher mobility, training and exchange between Nordic research groups. Their different orientations and methods do not stop them from having a common objective: to increase the genetic and molecular knowledge on common diseases and thus create conditions for improved treatment.

Added Nordic value
Molecular medicine is an area where the Nordic countries have unique advantages such as extensive registers, biobanks, high quality health care and a strong tradition for genetic and biomedical research. An increased co-operation between the countries will mean maximum use of these resources to strengthen the quality and quantity of Nordic research and increase its visibility and attraction.

The three Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoEs) that have received grants are:
  • Nordic Centre of Excellence for Research in Water Imbalance Related Disorders (WIRED). Co-ordinator is professor Ole Petter Ottersen at the Institute of basic medical sciences at the University of Oslo. This NCoE consists of four research groups from Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
  • Nordic Centre of Excellence in Neurodegeneration, co-ordinator professor Patrik Brundin, Wallenberg Neuroscience Centre at Lund University. Totally 12 goups from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.
  • Nordic Network of Excellence in Disease Genetics (NoNEDG). Co-ordinator professor Leena Peltonen at Biomedicum, Helsinki University. Includes six groups from Finland, Sweden and Denmark.
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Teresa Karlsson, NcoE programme secretariate
Vetenskapsrådet – Medicin
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