Three new visiting professors

Three professors from the Baltic States and NW Russia has been granted funding to visit Nordic universities 2005. They are all participants in NorFA-financed networks or research schools.
The researchers who will visit a Nordic university for at least 30 days per year, come from Lithuania, Estonia and Russia. Arvydas Tamulis from Institute for Theoretical Physics and Astronomy at the Vilnius University is going to visit Institute of Biotechnology at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Tamulis participates in the NorFA-financed network “Quantum Modelling of Molecular Materials”. Through this professorship Dr. Tamulis will utilize and learn new outstanding quantum molecular methods and computer programs developed by the NorFA partners. In return the network will take advantage of Dr. Tamulis deep and wide experience in theory and modelling of molecular materials, with respect to both research and education.

Madis Noppel from the Department of Environmental physics at the University of Tartu is going to visit the Department of Physical Sciences at the University of Helsinki. The main objective is to study the importance of aerosol particles and ions in climate change and on human health. Noppel is going to hold seminars and work shops and be advising research students.

Valentin Ostrovsky from the Department of Quantum Mechanics at the St. Petersburg State University is visiting the Department of Physics and Technology at the University of Bergen. Ostrovsky participates in the NorFA-network
“Fundamental Quantum Processes in Atomic and Molecular Systems”. The visiting professor will both strengthen the research activity in this field at the University of Bergen and contribute significantly to the research education.

This visiting professor grant scheme is new in 2004. The aim is to promote collaboration between institutions within the Nordic countries and the Baltic States/NW Russia. The grant scheme is only available to institutions within active NorFA-financed networks or Nordic research schools financially supported by NorFA.

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