Three Priority Areas for the Swedish Research Council

– We want to enhance Swedish researchers’ involvement in research programmes at European, Nordic and International levels, Björn von Sydow, Chair of the Swedish Research Council, says. International collaboration, basic research on global change and climate/energy issues as well as national and international research infrastructure investments are defined as priority areas in the Council’s research strategy 2009–12.
 Three Priority Areas for the Swedish Research Council
International Collaboration and NordForsk
In order to position itself in the global competition of the future, Sweden should invest even more heavily in international research cooperation on various levels. – The long term strategy of the Swedish Research Council is to enhance the Swedish research system and support Swedish researchers, but we must also improve our international engagement and attract more international researchers to Sweden, Björn von Sydow says.

The strategy document also points out the Nordic region and NordForsk as an important arena for international collaboration: “The Nordic region constitutes an important arena for international cooperation, particularly within the frameworks of the Nordic research council NordForsk” (Vetenskapsrådets forskningsstrategi 2009–12, 6-7).

Priority Areas within Basic Research
The Swedish Research Council suggests prioritized investments within basic research based mainly on two criteria: 1) Sweden must show high international competence within the prioritised field; and 2) there must be knowledge gaps in the field. Two programmes are suggested - “Societies and Global Change” and “Energy, Climate and the Environment”.

The board of the Swedish Research Council also recommends large investments in national and international research infrastructures.

Download the Swedish Research Council’s Research Strategy 2009–12 (in Swedish only)

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