-Too small to compete alone

-All Nordic countries are too small to compete internationally in research by themselves. The main condition for co-operation is not financial, says NMR‘s Secretary General Per Unckel to Danmarks Radio.

In Danmarks Radio‘s report from the NorFA and Nordic Research Policy Council‘s (FPR) conference in Riga the Secretary General Per Unckel encouraged increased co-operation within research in the Nordic-Baltic region. He did not see finance as a main problem for the co-operation but instead saw the need to put aside any national prestige matters in order to co-ordinate the systems. The chairman of the FPR, Vilhjalmur Ludviksson, too, believes in further harmonisation of the research systems as a condition for increased co-operation.

Director of Finland‘s Academy Anneli Pauli said in her statement to Danmarks Radio that subregions will be formed in the new extended Europe. The Baltic countries might have economical problems but they also have great talents in research, talents which the Nordic countries should bring into their co-operation, Pauli concluded.

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