Tough research race in Norway

26 out of 98 that applied to become new centres of excellence in Norway will proceed to the final step, reports the Research Council of Norway. They will announce the winners in December this year.
"Centres of excellence is a way of changing the research landscape through concentrated effort. This far, we have reserved NOK 80 million per year for the new centres, that will receive funding for up to ten years. By funding them in this way over several years we can build strong research groups with good management and excellent results. Our experience also shows that centres of this kind make us attactive to good foreign researchers, states director general of the Research Council of Norway, Arvid Hallén.

The 26 applicants are distributed in this way:
11 from the University of Oslo
5 from the University of Bergen
4 from NTNU
2 from the University of Tromsø
1 from the The Norwegian University of Life Sciences
1 from the Geological survey of Norway
1 from Institute of Marine research
1 from the Simula centre

11 of the groups come from biology, medicine and psychology, whereas nine of them represent natural sciences and technology. Six of the groups are from the humanities and social sciences.

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