Transforming Knowledge into Innovation: European Innovation Scoreboard 2007

Denmark, Finland and Sweden continue to have a very strong performance as world “innovation leaders”, according to the 2007 European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS). For the first time, the report also assesses innovation efficiency – the countries’ performances in transforming knowledge inputs into innovation outputs.
 Transforming Knowledge into Innovation: European Innovation Scoreboard 2007
The 2007 report
The EIS 2007 was published 14 February 2008. NordForsk presents some Nordic perspectives and provides the full text version for download.

Sweden is the most innovative country in this EU analysis, largely due to strong innovation inputs although it is less efficient than some other countries in transforming these into innovation outputs.

The so called “innovation followers” include Iceland, along with Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Norway is categorized as “moderate innovator” along with Australia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Slovenia and Spain.

From Knowledge to Innovation
The 2007 EIS report also looks into innovation efficiency and finds that most countries in the analysis seem to have significant scope to improve their efficiencies through policies that stimulate the generation of innovative applications and intellectual property.

The EIS 2007 includes innovation indicators and trend analyses for the EU27 Member
States as well as for Iceland, Norway, Croatia, Turkey, Switzerland, Japan, the US, Australia,
Canada and Israel.

Download the European Innovation Scoreboard 2007

(European Commison, Joint Research Centre: Press release 2008-02-14)
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