Three new Nordic Centres of Excellence in eScience

NordForsk has established three new Nordic Centres of Excellence in the field of eScience, with focus on climate change and health. The aim is to provide a framework enabling the very best Nordic researchers to establish long-term collaboration and apply modern, data-based research methods to generate ground-breaking results.

Nordic Centres of Excellence comprise NordForsk’s most important funding instrument and bring together outstanding researchers and research groups from minimum three Nordic countries to fully exploit available resources across national boundaries. Three new centres have now been established:

NordForsk has defined investment in Nordic eScience research cooperation as a priority area. It is vital that the Nordic countries develop new work procedures and research methods for processing large amounts of digital data and running advanced simulations, which may ultimately benefit a wide array of research areas. NordForsk therefore issued a call for proposals for new Nordic Centres of Excellence with particular focus on climate change and health. According to Director Gunnel Gustafsson:

- The quality of the proposals received was outstanding – almost overwhelmingly so. The eScience research groups found in the Nordic countries have extremely high competency, and it was tough to choose which centres to fund from among the many excellent proposals. But in the end, the steering committee selected three – one focusing on health research, the other two on climate change research – and it goes without saying that these have the potential to provide valuable results in the years to come. I wish all of the researchers involved the best of luck with their endeavours.

The three centres are being co-funded by Finland, Norway, Sweden, NordForsk and the Nordic Council of Ministers, with a total of roughly NOK 80 million in allocations. The host institutions will be contributing funding as well.