Two new Nordic Centres of Excellence to solve the Nordic Gender Paradox

Two new Nordic Centres of Excellence to solve the Nordic Gender Paradox

NordForsk has awarded NOK 41.8 million for two Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoEs) under the programme Solving the Gender Paradox. Both of the centres will contribute to building knowledge about how the Nordic countries can overcome the gender imbalance in research and innovation.

The Nordic countries are at the top of the European and global gender equality indices. However, within the research and innovation area, the Nordic countries only perform at a European average. NordForsk’s initiative “Solving the Gender Paradox: Gender Gaps in the Nordic Research and Innovation Area” is a response to this problem and paradox.

The programme launched its first call in December 2015, and by the application deadline in April 2016, NordForsk had received a total of 10 applications. Based on an evaluation of the applications by a panel of international experts, the NordForsk Board has decided to fund the following two Nordic Centres of Excellence:

  • Nordic Centre for Research on Gender Equality in Research and Innovation (NORDICORE). Project leader: Research professor Mari Teigen, Norwegian Institue for Social Research. Funding: Up to NOK 21.8 million.
  • Beyond the Gender Paradox: Women’s Careers in Technology-driven Research and Innovation in and outside of Academe Project leader: Professor Gabriele Griffin, Uppsala University. Funding: Up to NOK 20.0 million.

Both centres will present their work at the Gender Summit in Brussels 8-9 November 2016.

The programme is funded by NordForsk, the Academy of Finland, the Icelandic Centre for Research (Rannís ), the Research Council of Norway and the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (Forte). The aim of the initiative is to pinpoint the reason for why the research and innovation area has not followed the trend towards a gender equal society and to identify the measures needed to remedy this.

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Text: Anne Munk Christiansen

Photo: Johannes Jansson/