- Unique report from NordForsk

"This report is unique. Here we have the opportunity to find out what researchers, politicians and representatives of the industry, public administration and institute sector really think about Nordic research collaboration," Norwegian Minister of Education Øystein Djupedal said as he launched the new NordForsk report Nordic strength - perspectives on research collaboration on 1st November.
Minister Djupedal and his Danish colleague Minister of Science Helge Sander presented NordForsk and the report during the Nordic Council Session in Copenhagen this week. In his speech Minister Djupedal emphasised NordForsk investments in Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoE), in which the best researchers in the Nordic region have a chance to cllaborate and compete at the global arena.

Professor Patrik Brundin of Lund University, the manager of an NCoE in molecular medicine, gave some examples of the research of his NCoE and concluded by pointing out the need for more national funding. "Networking money is not enough," he stressed.

The Danish Minister of Science Helge Sander emphasised the importance of collaboration between research and the industry, and the need for Norden to act as a regional power centre in a European context.

The report Nordic strength - perspectives on research collaboration will be released at the NordForsk web shortly, and the public will then be able to order it.

Photo: Magnus Fröderberg/norden.org