Valuable Nordic Experience: New Norwegian Strategy for Research Collaboration with the EU

14 May 2008, the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research presented its new strategy for collaboration with the EU on research and development. – NORIA (The Nordic Research and Innovation Area) provides a valuable platform for Norway’s participation in EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7), for further development towards mutual opening of national R&D programmes and for participation in the ERA (European Research Area), the strategy states.
 Valuable Nordic Experience: New Norwegian Strategy for Research Collaboration with the EU
Nordic Experiences & NordForsk
The strategy accentuates the value of broad Nordic experiences with research collaboration, and mentions NordForsk’s collaboration activities and the NCoE programmes as instruments that enhance the strength of Nordic research and Nordic researchers’ position in the EU context: “Joint Nordic calls and mutual opening of national research programmes is an ambition for the Nordic collaboration, as it is for the EU. NordForsk, a Nordic research board operating under the Nordic Council of Ministers for Education and Research, also organises Nordic Centres of Excellence within research areas like Food, Nutrition & Heath and Welfare research. The NCoEs aim to qualify the participants and place them in an advantageous position for future European research funding.”

Strategy for Optimised Utilisation of Resources
The new strategy shall facilitate and enhance Norway’s coordinated and strategic approach to EU collaboration. –The strategy shall guarantee an optimised utilisation of national resources, says Norway’s Minister for Research and Higher Education, Tora Aasland, in a press release.

“Enhanced collaboration among the Nordic countries on participation in EU’s research programmes implies valuable opportunities for Norway”, the strategy states. “Nordic cooperation in research is increasingly perceived to be connected to European collaboration. EU’s influence on the Nordic region increases continuously, especially through the framework programmes for research and technological development.”

FP7, ERA & Increased Influence
The goals, strategies and initiatives described in the strategy document concentrate on three focus areas: Norway shall increase its participation in FP7, both in terms of themes, players involved, dissemination of knowledge and utilisation of research results. Norway will also develop a proactive policy on its participation in the ERA, through coordination and opening of national R&D programmes and further coordination and integration of industry-based R&D activities. Finally, Norway shall act as a well coordinated player and work actively to influence R&D collaboration with the EU, and thus increase the relevance of FP7 to Norwegian participants. Competence and knowledge about Norwegian involvement in FP7 and ERA shall also be strengthened.

Download the strategy document ”Strategi for Norges samarbeid med EU om forskning og utvikling” (Norwegian only).

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