The world's most referred geoscientist

Markku Kulmala, Helsinki University physics department, is the most cited scientist in the field of geosciences according to the Thomson ISI Web of Knowledge.
The world's most referred geoscientist

Professor Markku Kulmala (Photo: Terje Heiestad)

Thomson ISI Web of Knowledge keeps tabs on the use of reference in the scientific world for its Essential Science Indicators (ESI) service, presenting the most referred scientists within various fields.

Professor Kulmala has participated in projects and initiatives funded by NordForsk several times, and he is the Project Manager for the Nordic Centre of Excellence CRAICC within the Top-level Research Initiative.

— This achievement has taken a lot of work and a lot of time and it is important for the whole field of study, and for the Finnish science community in general, Professor Kulmala comments, according to Good News! from Finland. - Research data has been collected in the Hyytiälä SMEAR station for 15 years already. Right now it is the world's most versatile station for atmospheric and biospheric measurement.

Kulmala is the first Finn to be the most referred scientist in any of the exclusive ESI lists. He has published 264 studies in the specific field, and these studies have been referred to 6152 times. In addition to the geosciences list, he has published a number of notable works in the fields of chemistry, physics and environmental studies. In addition, of all the Finnish scientists, Kulmala has published the most articles in the prestigious Nature and Science magazines.

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Markku Kulmala is the world's most referred geoscientist

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