VR grants 42 million SEK for post doc exchange

Close to 90 young researchers will have the opportunity of changing institution for their post coc period, thanks to the Swedish Research Council‘s new grant scheme. "The large amount of applications shows that many young researchers understand the importance of changing environments," says Director general of the Swedish Research Council Pär Omling.
Changing environments after being granted a doctoral degree might be one of the most important career moves for a young researcher. Through the Swedish Research Council‘s new programme 89 new doctors are granted the opportunity of travelling to a different institution, and foreign researchers are invited to come to Sweden. This is the second year of the programme.

USA is still a popular destination, the Swedish Research Council reports. Almost half of the grant holders are going there. "USA is a strong research nation and their universities know how to treat their visiting researchers well, so it is not strange that we get this result," Pär Omling says. "However, I think and hope that Europe will gain popularity the coming years, and that we will see a growing interest in for instance Asia."
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