Wants more business investment in R&D

During a press meeting at the N-IRI conference Norway‘s Minister of Education and research Øystein Djupedal expressed his wish of higher investments in R&D from the Norwegian private sector, in order for Norway to reach the goal of 3 percent of GDP to research.
As a reponse to the question of the investments in research as expressed in the Norwegian national budget of 2007, which has met strong reactions from some research environments, the minister stated that growing oil prices cause an increase of Norway‘s GDP, which in turn makes it difficult to maintain the percentage of GDP spent on research. But equally important is the rather limited private sector investments in R&D compared to the situation in other Nordic countries, Djupedal said. The goal of 3 percent of GDP to research is based on the private sector‘s contribution. Djupedal also stated that the Norwegian governments each year have increased the research investments over the national budget, invcluding this one.
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