Wants to guarantee researchers‘ right to publish

Norway‘s Minister of Education Øystein Djupedal wants to develop a contract to guarantee the right to publish research material. This can be seen as a reaction to the Aftenposten article yesterday on researchers allegedly being silenced by their institutes.
Norwegian newpaper Aftenposten yesterday published an article claiming that researchers who do not agree to the official views of their institutes are being excluded. This was expressed in a letter from the marine research association to the Norwegian Association of Researchers. The refer to the case of an American researcher who claims to have been excluded from her position in Norway because of her questioning the healthiness of Norwegian salmon.

Minister of Education and Research Øystein Djupedal says to Aftenposten:
"We are working on a standard contract for the public research institutions. The contract, which will be ready before the summer, contains a paragraph that guarantees the right to publish research material. It is important to secure free research, says Djupedal.
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