News from NordForsk

New digital edition of Legislation on biotechnology in the Nordic countries
The Nordic Committee on Bioethics and NordForsk is launching the fourth edition of Legislation on biotechnology in the Nordic countries. The report provides an up-to-date overview of legislation in a variety of areas, including assisted reproduction, human biobanks, cloning and embryo research.
New report compares research performance of Nordic higher education institutions
This third report in the series "Comparing Research at Nordic Higher Education Institutions Using Bibliometric Indicators" covers the years 1999-2014 and is significantly more comprehensive than the previous reports. It finds that some nordic institutions are "world class", but most are not.
Arctic initiative on schedule
The joint Nordic initiative on Arctic Research, “Responsible Development of the Arctic: Opportunities and Challenges – Pathways to Action”, held its first annual meeting in Umeå, Sweden on 13–14 June. All four Nordic Centres of Excellence were represented with over 50 participants who, in addition to sharing their experiences from their first year of operation, presented an update on the status of activities so far.