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Gender focus in physics
How can we promote better gender balance among researchers in the natural sciences? The GENERA project is seeking answers by holding a series of Gender in Physics Day events. NordForsk helped to organise the fourth Gender in Physics Day, held on 27 January at CERN near Geneva.
NordForsk seeks new Director
Application deadline is 12 March 2017.
Vacancy: Communications Adviser
NordForsk is seeking a Communications Adviser with an interest in research and Nordic cooperation.
Cyber crime erodes trust in the authorities
Cyber crime takes many different forms and the most damaging actions target the general population’s trust in the authorities, says Professor Angela Sasse, Director of the UK Research Institute in Science of Cyber Security (RISCS). “One route is trying to disrupt the country’s national economy or infrastructure, transport or electricity. The other route, which is more subtle, is attacks that systematically try to undermine the credibility of a government and its trust".
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