News from NordForsk

Four research projects to enhance sustainability in Nordic cities
NordForsk has awarded a total of NOK 50 million to four new research projects under the Sustainable Urban Development and Smart Cities Programme.
NordForsk receives record number of pre-proposals after interdisciplinary research call
337. That is the number of pre-proposals generated by NordForsk’s call for interdisciplinary research proposals. The purpose of the NordForsk programme is to encourage high-quality interdisciplinary research, and the call for proposals has a budget of NOK 120 million.
Seminar on Gender Gaps in Nordic Educational Achievement
Girls and boys in Nordic schools do not demonstrate the same levels of academic achievement. What causes the differences and how will this affect Nordic health, welfare and working life in the future? There is a need for new, shared Nordic insights in order to better understand the dynamics and learn more about these issues.
NOK 87 million in funding to seven Nordic-British migration projects
NordForsk received a full 218 applications in response to its call for proposals under the Joint Nordic-UK research programme on Migration and Integration. In the final funding decision, NordForsk has awarded a total of NOK 87 million to seven research projects.
33 project proposals submitted in response to call targeting Nordic research infrastructure collaboration
The plan is to fund five or six infrastructure consortia or hubs. The decision regarding which projects that will be awarded funding will be made late spring 2020.