JPI Climate

The joint programming initiative (JPI) Climate focuses on societal challenges exerted by climate change in terms of advanced climate modelling, societal adaptation, and policy-making.

JPI Climate, formerly called CliK'EU, is a European initiative that will promote coordination of climate research funding. "Climate knowledge" is understood in a broad sense, including all kinds of scientific knowledge on causes and consequences, costs, risks and benefits of climate change as well as possible responses.

JPI Climate intends to contribute to a highly coordinated knowledge development by improving the scientific expertise on climate change risks and adaptation options, as well as connecting that knowledge with decision-making on safety and major investments in Europe in sectors vulnerable to climate change.

As part of the aim of the Top-level Research Initiative (TRI) to establish platforms of international collaboration, NordForsk has followed the development of JPI Climate closely, and is represented as an observer in the JPI Climate Governing Board.

The focus of JPI Climate is closely linked to activities within the TRI. Thus, experiences from the TRI, especially obtained in the sub-programmes Effect studies and adaptation to climate change and Interaction between climate change and the cryosphere can be considered as a joint contribution from the Nordic countries to the JPI. Several participants from TRI projects are represented in the JPI Climate working groups.

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