The European Research Area (ERA)

The European Research Area (ERA), is an initiative that seeks to strengthen research activities and research cooperation across national borders in Europe.

From July 2012 till June 2015 NordForsk was one of five key stakeholder organisations on the European research arena who signed a Joint Statement to work together towards the achievement of the ERA.

The NordForsk strategy 2015-2018 reflects increased ambitions with regard to Nordic added value accomplished by collaboration between the Nordic research councils and universities, and NordForsk will concentrate on delivery of Nordic added value and Nordic priorities.

The collaboration at the stakeholder platform enabled NordForsk to be informed on the ERA issues, to participate in the discussions on furthering the ERA goals, and to share best practice with the members and the Commission.

The Nordic research councils will continue their work in the stakeholder platform through membership in Science Europe, and the Nordic universities through membership in the European University Association (EUA).

Video about the ERA 

Read more about the ERA on the European Commission website.

Policy Documents

Joint Statement on working in partnership in achieving the European Research Area

Memorandum of Understanding between the European Commission and NordForsk