News about ERA

Nordic programme on gender in the Nordic research and innovation area
The NordForsk Board has decided to establish a programme on gender in the Nordic research and innovation area, including Nordic She Figures. Executive Director in the Research Council of Norway, Jesper Werdelin Simonsen, is appointed chair of the Programme Committee.
NordForsk report on ERA cooperation
NordForsk has recently issued a report on its achievements in key areas under the Memorandum of Understanding with the European Commission.
European collaboration and Open Access
Putting the outcomes of research into the public sphere leads to better science and strengthens our knowledge-based economy. This is the topic of the inaugural edition of the European Research Area (ERA) newsletter.
Continued efforts towards the ERA
On December 13, NordForsk signed a Joint Statement with the European Commission and European stakeholder organisations to continue common efforts to achieve the ERA (European Research Area).
First joint call of JPI Climate launched today
The European Joint Programming Initiative Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe is launching its first joint call for transnational research projects. NordForsk facilitates the call in partnership with the French National Research Agency ANR.
'Single market' for research closer, but not yet a reality
Today, the European Commission presented a first comprehensive analysis of the state of the 'single market' for research - the European Research Area (ERA). Some progress has been made, but there are still issues to address and a significant gap between the best and the worst performers.
Open Access to Data: Europe heading for free movement of knowledge
How do we implement open access to data? And what are the next steps? These were some of the key questions raised at a seminar in Brussels on 5 February 2013. NordForsk had invited representatives of the European Commission and several research and science organisation to discuss some of the challenges facing scientists and politicians aiming to achieve the European Research Area (ERA).
New leap forward for ERA
On 31 July in Brussels, NordForsk – along with the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO), the European University Association (EUA), the League of European Research Universities (LERU), and Scienec Europe – signed a memorandum of understanding in which the stakeholders commit to strengthening coordination between EU research institutions and working to harmonise Europe’s research policy.
Strategies and tools for Grand Challenges responding research
50 high-level participants from academia, policy makers, research financiers and industry, as well as members of the NordForsk Board, gathered in Brussels 28 February at the first annual meeting organised by NordForsk to shed light upon common Nordic-European issues. The main topic was how Europe can boost its productivity and generate long-term growth by addressing major societal challenges.
ERA framework public consultation
The European Commission’s open consultation on the future framework for ERA closed November 30th. Find NordForsk’s response to the open consultation here.
Horizon 2020: 80 billion Euros to research and innovation
November 30th the European Commission presented a package of measures to boost research, innovation and competitiveness in Europe: Horizon 2020. The programme shall finance the Innovation Union, one of the flagships of Europe 2020.
Joint Nordic research on the offensive: Look to the Nordics!
“The Nordic countries have a good chance of influencing European research and innovation policy initiatives in areas where there is a common Nordic approach,” says Gunnel Gustafsson, Director of NordForsk.
NORDERA – Lessons learned from the Nordic cooperation
The NORDERA conference took place at Hotel Metropole in Brussels last week. Some 120 participants from the European Commission, the Nordic institutions and the member states gathered to discuss what Europe can learn from the Nordic R&I experiences.
Valuable Nordic Experience: New Norwegian Strategy for Research Collaboration with the EU
14 May 2008, the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research presented its new strategy for collaboration with the EU on research and development. – NORIA (The Nordic Research and Innovation Area) provides a valuable platform for Norway’s participation in EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7), for further development towards mutual opening of national R&D programmes and for participation in the ERA (European Research Area), the strategy states.
Research Collaboration on Transport and Climate Change
Sweden is Programme Leader for an EU research programme on transport research and climate change which launched a new call 31 March 2008. The programme focuses on evaluation of the impact of climate change on road infrastructure, methods for calculating costs and benefits of adaptation measures and risk management. Denmark, Finland and Norway also participate in the programme.
Ensuring Quality of Service for the User in the ERA
9th international Conference on Current Research Information Systems. June 5-7th, 2008 in Maribor, Slovenia
Women in European Science: She Figures 2006
Only 29 % of EU researchers are women. 28 – 39 % of researchers in the Nordic countries are female, while the Baltic States are in the lead in Europe with 43 - 53 % women in research. These are some of the main conclusions in the European Commission’s new report Women and Science – statistics and reports : She Figures 2006.
ERA-net: Better exploitation of national resources
"The original idea behind the ERA-nets was better exploitation of the resources. Now we need to find out how we can to this to make the world a better place," said Niels Busch, chair of the meeting held by NordForsk in Brussels 13th June.
-Nordic super-region
During the seminar Nordic region’s research collaboration and the development of ERA in Brussels in April 2003 it was said that the Nordic countries can become one of the most attractive research areas of the world. In this way, the Nordic countries can be a point of departure towards the European Research Area (ERA).
-Whitebook should promote the Nordic countries globally
The process of elaborating MR-U‘s (Nordic Council of Ministers, Education and Research) whitebook on the Nordic countries as an internationally leading research region has started. During the meeting between the head of the working group, Gustav Björkstrand, and the Norwegian Research Council 25th March 2003 the Research Council stressed global competitiveness as one of the most important challenges.