The Joint Committee of the Nordic Research Councils for Natural Sciences (NOS-N)

NOS-N is a collaborating body for Nordic research councils that finance research in the natural sciences.

The Committee aims to promote natural sciences in the Nordic countries through collaboration and coordination.

The chair and secretariat rotate among the Nordic member countries at three-year intervals. NordForsk acts as secretariat for the committee.

Current members of the committee


  • Professor Mikael Drewsen, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University
  • Mads de Wolff, Head of Section, Office of the Danish Council for Independent Research, Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education


  • Leena Paavilainen, Director, Natural Resources Institute (LUKE), Finland (Chair NOS-N)
  • Susan Linko, Director, Academy of Finland, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Unit


  • Steinunn S. Jakobsdóttir, Senior Adviser, Division of Science and Innovation, The Icelandic Centre for Research


  • Professor Inga Berre, Department of Mathematics, University of Bergen
  • Øyvind Pettersen, Special Adviser, Department for Medicine, Natural Sciences and Technology, Division for Science, The Research Council of Norway


  • Professor Lars Kloo, Secretary General Natural and Engineering Sciences, the Swedish Research Council