Citizens' Services

Citizens' Services is a Nordic-Baltic R&D programme with the objective to develop useful and effective national public eServices for the citizens in the Nordic-Baltic region.

The programme will support projects in the field of:

  • service development from the perspective of the citizens' needs
  • research projects with focus to create new knowledge for service providers; both public and private
  • increasing the cooperation and knowledge transfer between the public and the private e-service sector

Projects are funded through two separate calls for proposals in 2010 and 2011, using a common pot provided by the funding partners VINNOVA, Rannis, The Estonian Ministry for Economic Affairs and Communications og NordForsk.

VINNOVA act as the programme secretariat.

The Citizens' Services programme is a result of the NORIA-net Citizens' Services funded by NordForsk 2008-2009.

Read more about Citizens' Services and the funded projects at VINNOVA's website

Facts about the programme
Financing organisations