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ESOF 2018: NordForsk spotlights gender equality in academia


More than 4 000 researchers, educators, business professionals, politicians and journalists from around the world took part in the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF), which is held every second year. This year’s conference was held in Toulouse, France, and NordForsk was responsible for a 75-minute session that included a panel discussion on gender balance and underrepresentation of women in academia.

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NordForsk highlights gender equality in academia at major European conference


In July, NordForsk will arrange a 75-minute session during the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF), a major European research conference to be held 9-14 July 2018 in Toulouse, France. The conference will feature presentations by two NordForsk-funded Nordic Centres of Excellence that conduct research on gender balance and underrepresentation of women in academia. A panel discussion on challenges and potential remedies will follow.

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How can we improve the gender balance in academia?


In what is referred to as the Nordic gender paradox, the Nordic region is on the one hand a leader in terms of gender equality overall, while, on the other, women are strongly underrepresented in senior positions in science and research. During a recent Nordic conference in Oslo we met two well-known voices in the gender equality debate with strong opinions about what needs be done to increase gender equality in academia: Riitta Maijala (Vice President for Research at the Academy of Finland and NordForsk board member) and Curt Rice (Rector at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) and chair for the Committee for Gender Balance and Diversity in Research (KIF)

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Gender focus in physics


How can we promote better gender balance among researchers in the natural sciences? The GENERA project is seeking answers by holding a series of Gender in Physics Day events. NordForsk helped to organise the fourth Gender in Physics Day, held on 27 January at CERN near Geneva.

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NordForsk at Gender Summit 9


Gender Summit 9 took place in Brussels on 8–9 November 2016, with 65 speakers offering their insight and expertise during the two-day event. Among these were former Chair of the NordForsk Board, Marja Makarow, and the project leaders of the two Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoEs) recently established under the NordForsk programme Gender in the Nordic Research and Innovation Area.

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Interview with the heads of new NCoEs addressing the Nordic gender paradox


The Norwegian website features an interview with the project leaders of NordForsk’s two new Nordic Centres of Excellence, which have been granted funding to study gender imbalance in academia.

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Two new Nordic Centres of Excellence to solve the Nordic Gender Paradox


NordForsk has awarded NOK 41.8 million for two Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoEs) under the programme Solving the Gender Paradox. Both of the centres will contribute to building knowledge about how the Nordic countries can overcome the gender imbalance in research and innovation.

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Call for proposals: Nordic Centres of Excellence – Solving the gender paradox


NordForsk launches a call for proposals within the programme "Gender in the Nordic Research and Innovation Area". Application deadline is 27 April 2016.

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New Nordic research programme on gender balance in the offing


In early January 2016, NordForsk will issue a call for proposals under the new research programme Solving the Nordic Gender Paradox: Gender Gaps in the Nordic Research and Innovation Area.

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