Impacts of Climate Change in Nordic Primary Industries

This programme deals with the management of natural resources in the Nordic region. Its conclusions will be used in the preparation of a climate policy within the area.

The programme "Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation in Nordic Primary Industries” is a thematic research network programme developed by the Nordic Council of Ministers in collaboration with NordForsk.


The programme has five themes within main Nordic production systems: fishery, agriculture, forestry and food. The five thematic areas are:

  1. Plant and animal health (cross-sector theme)
  2. Conservation, adaptation and utilization of genetic resources (cross-sector theme)
  3. Adaptation and mitigation in milk, meat and cereal production systems (sector-specific theme)
  4. Impacts and adaptation in fish production systems (sector-specific theme)
  5. Sustainable biomass production and carbon storage in terrestrial ecosystems (sector-specific theme)


  • The research programme has a budget of NOK 18 million over a period of four years.
  • A self-financing of minimum 60% of the total budget is required for each network.
  • The duration of a network is maximum 3 or 4 years, depending on the call.
  • The proposal must involve collaboration among at least three Nordic countries, or minimum two Nordic and one Baltic countries.
  • The general principle is that funded activities should support genuine Nordic cooperation, i.e., the Nordic funding should enhance relevant national activities and add important Nordic dimensions.


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Arctic char; A species under threat and with great potentials in the age of climate change (NORDCHAR)
Sustainable Primary Production in a Changing Climate
Nordic Forage Crops Genetic Resource Adaptation Network (NOFOCGRAN)
Nordic network: Climate impacts on fish, fishery industry and management in the Nordic Seas
Nordic Research Network on Animal Genetic Resources in the Adaptation to Climate Change
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