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Scientists identified knowledge gaps in Nordic Arctic research


More than 60 Nordic and international scientists joined forces at an Arctic workshop at Hanaholmen 30 – 31 May 2018. The workshop aimed to identify urgent research areas, knowledge gaps and research challenges, and was a collaboration between the 2018 Swedish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and NordForsk.

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Arctic initiative on schedule


The joint Nordic initiative on Arctic Research, “Responsible Development of the Arctic: Opportunities and Challenges – Pathways to Action”, held its first annual meeting in Umeå, Sweden on 13–14 June. All four Nordic Centres of Excellence were represented with over 50 participants who, in addition to sharing their experiences from their first year of operation, presented an update on the status of activities so far.

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Climate change in the Arctic – an early warning for the world


Temperatures in the Arctic have increased at a rate of more than twice the global average. Climate change is resulting in a shrinking ice cover and loss of sea ice, thawing permafrost and ocean acidification. At the Nordic Pavilion at COP22, NordForsk provided insights into the latest Nordic and international research on the current state of the Arctic climate, and the impact of climate change on the Arctic and the rest of the world.

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Arctic Day at COP 22


NordForsk and the Top-level Research Initiative on climate, energy and the environment will be participating at the COP2 2 conference in Marrakech, Morocco.

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International cooperation in the Arctic


Division Director at The National Science Foundation Kelly K. Falkner on working together with NordForsk and Nordic researchers

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NOK 112 million awarded to four new Nordic Centres of Excellence in Arctic research


The Nordic countries and NordForsk are investing a total of NOK 112 million in four new, interdisciplinary Nordic Centres of Excellence.

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Conveying Arctic knowledge to users


Research-based knowledge is generally accepted as providing a sound basis on which to develop political initiatives. With this in mind, the conference “Security and governance in the globalised Arctic: Nordic and international perspectives” sought to disseminate the latest knowledge about the Arctic to end-users.

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Major trends in Arctic development


The new Arctic Human Development Report identifies the main trends emerging as the development of the Arctic continues. There are changes taking place that will increasingly affect not only those who live in the Arctic, but the entire world as well.

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NordForsk with funding for two applications for Arctic research under Belmont Forum call


To promote cooperation between Nordic researchers and their colleagues outside the Nordic region, NordForsk participated as co-funder in the most recent call for Arctic research projects under the Belmont Forum. This has resulted in two new projects, both of which are rooted in Nordic research with branches into broad-based international cooperation.

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Nordic funding opportunities for Arctic research


NordForsk was on hand at the Arctic Frontiers conference, along with the Secretariat to the Nordic Council of Ministers and representatives of the Nordic governments' environmental co-operation, to ensure that researchers and decision-makers are apprised on the Nordic funding opportunities available for Arctic research.

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Arctic research crosses scientific dividing lines


Give us time to work together across disciplines, one researcher asked at the Arctic Circle 2014 conference in Reykjavik. NordForsk’s current call for proposals for Nordic Centres of Excellence in Arctic Research is opportune in paving the way for this. The application deadline is 4 March 2015 2 PM CET.

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Funding available for Nordic Centres of Excellence in Arctic research


NordForsk is announcing funding for the establishment of three to four Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoE) in Arctic research.

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Planning grants awarded in phase one of the Arctic Programme


NordForsk has launched phase one of the two-phase call for proposals under the Joint Nordic Initiative on Arctic Research, “Responsible Development of the Arctic: Opportunities and Challenges - Pathways to Action”. The submission deadline for proposals for planning grants under phase one was 5 June 2014. A total of 36 proposals were received, of which 13 have been granted funding to develop research collaboration between at least three Nordic countries with a view to applications for the phase two application deadline in autumn 2014.

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NordForsk issues a call for proposals for planning grants within Arctic research


The programme Responsible Development of the Arctic: Opportunities and Challenges – Pathways to Action is established to create new knowledge on the possibilities and challenges that the Arctic Region is facing. The programme is a cross-disciplinary initiative. Apply before 5 June 2014 1 PM

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