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Open Science makes the world a fairer place


Open Science and Open Access have become buzzwords we are hearing often these days. Fittingly, the value of Nordic and international cooperation in this field was discussed at the major NeIC 2019 conference Nordic Infrastructure for Open Science, held recently in Copenhagen. In connection with the conference, one of the pioneers of Nordic cooperation stated in an interview with NordForsk that Open Science makes the world a fairer place, where it is no longer just the wealthy who benefit from research.

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Invitation for e-infrastructure collaboration


Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) invites consortia consisting of e-infrastructure providers, developers, researchers and related communities around the Nordic region to propose collaboration projects within e-infrastructure (digital infrastructure) of joint Nordic interest. The proposals may also be initiated by the NeIC Provider Forum.

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A Nordic proposal on European Open Science Cloud awarded funding from the European Commission


A joint Nordic-Baltic proposal has received funding from the European Commission to support the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). On request from the five Nordic e-infrastructure providers Nordic eInfrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) coordinated the Nordic-Baltic proposal worth 6 million euros. NeIC will be the coordinator of the EOSC-Nordic project and also lead a Work Package on FAIR data. The project will seek to establish the Nordic and Baltic countries as frontrunners in the take-up of the EOSC concept, principles and approach.

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Strengthening Open Science through Nordic collaboration


NeIC 2019, the Nordic Infrastructure for Open Science conference, will be held in May 2019 and will give special focus to how cooperation across borders can help to strengthen Open Science.

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Improving biodiversity research e-Infrastructures by collaboration


Research questions within biodiversity research and nature conservation often focus on geographical areas and ecosystems that extend across national borders. But biodiversity and ecosystem e-Infrastructures, on the other hand, are developed individually in each country, which makes access to regional data difficult. The Nordic-Baltic Collaboration on e-Infrastructures for Biodiversity Informatics (DeepDive) research project is seeking to enable access to data across countries.

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The Nordic Language Processing Laboratory


The Nordic Language Processing Laboratory (NLPL) is a Nordic collaborative research project under the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC). The project is seeking to train the next generation of scientists to work on the language technology on which services such as Google Translate and Siri (Apple’s speech-recognition programme) are based.

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The smartest storage for the world’s largest data volumes


CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is the world’s largest and most complex experimental facility, generating the world’s largest data volumes. This calls for extremely smart data handling and storage solutions, and one of the smartest solutions is distributed between four Nordic countries.

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Better software leads to better science


Software and computing skills have become essential in most fields of research, but researchers are often struggling with software that is unnecessarily complex and therefore not sustainable. But help is at hand, in the shape of workshops that promote better software development practices in scientific communities across the Nordic countries.

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Saving lives with a secure system for sharing biomedical data


Before: Biomedical researchers often exchanged sensitive data about people’s health between institutions or across borders via poorly protected means such as USB drives or CDs sent via registered mail. Now: Researchers can exchange data at great speed – and save more lives – via a secure Nordic data sharing service.

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Building a cloud for Nordic researchers


Researchers across the Nordic region are starting to enjoy a new “elastic” cloud computing infrastructure from where they can collaborate and share systems and resources. The Glenna project has already supported the development of both a Norwegian and a Danish national cloud service into true Nordic services, and more services are in the pipeline.

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NeIC 2017: Crossing boundaries - changing the world


More than 200 technical experts, researchers, and decision-makers in computing and data storage joined forces at the NeIC 2017 conference. The event took place in Umeå, Sweden from 29 May – 1 June and included both workshops and conference sessions with high-profile speakers from academia and industry.

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Nordic model offers unique set of competencies in large data set analysis


Although it might be more cost-effective to consolidate six Nordic computing centres into one, the Nordic distributed model provides a unique set of competencies. According to Dr Josep Flix, the key man behind a new evaluation of Nordic Tier 1 cooperation, these may prove critical for the worldwide LHC network’s capacity to handle large volumes of data from CERN.

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Joint Nordic training: Improve your eSkills


To make the most of our eInfrastructure resources in the Nordic countries, NeIC has launched a coordinated Nordic calendar indicating when and where you can find events to improve your skills. An easy and simple tool to use.

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Nordic collaboration with CERN spreads expertise


When data from CERN are to be made available to researchers, they are first received by one of the 13 Tier 1 centres, located around the world. One of these is situated in the Nordic region. This Nordic solution is unique in being distributed across four countries, whereas the other centres are located on a single site. But what is a Tier 1 centre and why have we organised ours so differently from the rest of the world? Oxana Smirnova, CERN Liaison at the NeIC, provides a clear explanation.

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Taking decisions while on the move


Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) is software developed through a small, Nordic collaboration, which, with little funding, has outcompeted far better-financed projects and is currently enjoying international success.

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New plan for future eScience and eInfrastructure initiatives


The Nordic eScience Action Plan 2.0 comprises ten concrete actions in the areas of eScience and eInfrastructure. NordForsk is already implementing a number of the plan’s recommendations through the Nordic eScience Globalisation Initiative (NeGI) and the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC), while other recommendations will be followed up in other fora.

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