The NCoE Programme on Food, Nutrition and Health

The Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE) Programme on Food, Nutrition and Health is a joint effort to enhance the scientific quality and international visibility of Nordic research within this field.

The main objective of the NCoE Programme is to create Nordic strength by promoting scientific excellence and enhancing Nordic research collaboration and mobility of researchers.

Public health benefit is a priority for this NCoE-programme, which aims to strengthen the knowledge base for public dietary recommendations and contribute to an innovative product development within the Nordic food industries.

Understanding the links between diet and health can facilitate the development of effective interventions, finding ways of changing people’s  lifestyles. This may have important impact on nutrition and society, and help prevent a significant number of cases of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Research may be targeted to understand the health impacts of food and diet from both biological and behavioural aspects.

Food, Nutrition and Health is a research field where the Nordic countries are known to be strong. Significant added value may therefore be expected from close collaboration of strong complementary research groups.

The programme is co-financed by NordForsk and the National Research Councils, and will run 2007-2012. The total annual funding for a centre is up to 6 MNOK.



The distribution of funding in The NCoE Programme on Food, Nutrition and Health. Total funding: 11,6 MEUR


NCoE MitoHealth: Centre for Bioactive Food Components and Prevention of Lifestyle Diseases
NCoE HELGA: Nordic Health – Wholegrain Food
NCoE SYSDIET: Systems biology in controlled dietary interventions and cohort studies