Sustainable Freight and Logistics in a Nordic Context

This programme aims to address major societal needs by strengthening the competitiveness of freight transport, creating know-how and building stronger cooperation between research communities, industry, and ministries in a Nordic context.

The Nordic countries share many of the same traditional, geographical and organisational structures. Therefore we also face many of the same challenges in the area of transport and logistics. Through Nordic research cooperation we can contribute to strengthening this field for the whole Nordic region.

The Programme Sustainable Freight and Logistics in a Nordic Context aims to:

  • develop synergies across Nordic borders and develop Nordic capabilities within the research field of sustainable freight and logistics
  • produce new and innovative scientific knowledge enabling sustainable, energy efficient and effective freight transport
  • create a strong interdisciplinary approach to the field, building on disciplinary strongholds of the various Nordic research communities

Thematic areas

  • New management models, concepts and tools supporting sustainable logistics and co-modality in a Nordic approach
  • Common Nordic environmental measurement and assessments
  • Visions for sustainable logistics at company level
  • Humanitarian and development aid logistics
  • Other relevant research topics within the field of sustainable freight and logistics

This is a joint programme, where the Danish Council for Strategic Research, the Ministry of Transport and  Communications in Finland, The Research Council of Norway, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA), and NordForsk collaborate.

Graf transport og logistikk

The distribution of funding in "Sustainable Freight and Logistics in a Nordic Context". Total funding: 2,2 MEUR.


Management, design and evaluation of sustainable freight and logistics systems
LogiNord; Sustainable logistics in Nordic fresh food supply chains