A Living Labs network for user-driven innovation of ICT services

This project aims to generate knowledge on how to innovate new services, media and infrastructure in Living Labs in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, building on and improving the work of existing Living Labs.

Services only become valuable in use – this is a central premise in service management. Quality perceptions and experiences are formed in use or during consumption. Value is created in cooperation with customers or users, and assessed in the context of its intended use.

Companies that aim to develop innovative products or services should place a stronger emphasis on understanding the users’ value creation processes, resource constellations, and the relationship between the quality of the technical solutions and user-perceived quality.

It is critical to identify and understand mechanisms in which value emerges for a customer or a user and its relationship to the technological platform for the service. Users should be invited and given the opportunity to act as co-creators in an innovation system, particularly evident in development of new ICT infrastructure, services and media.

The project will combine research from a series of disciplines, such as:

  • computer science
  • psychology
  • marketing
  • eHealth
  • media and communications
  • electrical engineering
  • information engineering
  • economics and business

Research suggests that there is a lack of knowledge when it comes to how to best involve the user in the innovation process. Compare Testlab, Karlstad, NettOp, University of Stavanger, and CNP, Aalborg University, are three Living Labs constituting a fruitful combination of organisational structures and technical platforms that can bridge this gap.

The industrial partners Ipark (Stavanger Innovation Park), ICTNORCOM, and Greater Stavanger Development will present real cases to which users will be invited to co-create and test ICT services.

Facts about the project

Project number: 27860

Project leader

Professor Jan Frick, University of Stavanger, Norway


Countries represented

Denmark, Norway, Sweden


3 500 000 NOK