A Transnational Nordic Smart City Living Lab Pilot

This "Smart City"-project will exchange, analyze and disseminate existing national/local Smart City Living Lab pilot initiatives in the areas of energy saving and intelligent transportation, with the aim of successfully implementating a Nordic best-practice Smart City Living Lab pilot.

"Smart City” means a city that makes a conscious effort to innovatively employ information and communication technologies to support a more inclusive, diverse and sustainable urban environment.

The project will focus on energy saving solutions for individual households, in private houses and in transportation. In doing so, user needs and ideas will be the key-drivers.

The project aims to use existing knowledge on user-driven innovation methodologies and available technical solutions among partner networks, in order to:

  • increase the knowledge of Living Lab key characteristics and their indicators
  • innovate on technical energy solutions that are tested in real life settings
  • create higher visibility and innovation capacity among Nordic Living Lab actors and their partners and stake-holders by cross-border collaboration, shared Living Lab knowledge and development of joint Living Lab resources

Main Nordic Living Lab actors will fill the roles as team leaders, working together on Smart City Living Lab RDI-processes along with their research partners and co-partners from industry and public authorities.

Beneficiaries of the project's results will be:

  • cities
  • the Nordic and European Living Labs communities
  • policy makers who are developing strategies to explore user-driven innovation for the benefit of social, environmental and economic development.
  • industrial actors in the Nordic countries who work within the field of Smart City solutions and have an interest in renewing their innovation capacity through user-involvement and Living Lab cooperation.
Facts about the project

Project number: 26820

Project leader

Karl Friðriksson, Director of Human Resources and Marketing, Innovation Center Iceland, Iceland


Countries represented

Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania


4 500 000 NOK


Smarte hjem (NordForsk magasin 2010, jubilee issue) (pdf) (Norwegian language)