An interdisciplinary approach to atomistic design of new catalysts

This researcher network will coordinate activities within heterogeneous catalysis research in Scandinavia. The development and synthesis of new technical catalysis are highly multidisciplinary in character and the interplay between many disciplines is decisive for understanding catalysis on the atomic scale as well as developing new catalyst on a rational basis of fundamental insight.

Our society is in need of technological and chemical processes that are energy efficient and use a minimum of natural resources. The challenge is to increase the global sustainable standard of living.

Various catalytic technologies have played a decisive role for the increased standard of living; from the development of catalysts for production of fertilisers and fuels, and synthesis of polymers, to the use of catalytic converters for an improved urban air quality and techniques for solar energy harvesting. By the design of catalysts with enhanced activity and selectivity, catalysts that withstand degradation and catalyst that use a minimum of precious metals, technical solutions based on catalysis will continue to be central for the development of a sustainable society.

This project will bring together a new Nordic critical mass to achieve the insight and facilities needed for new developments in the area of heterogeneous catalysis, and thereby strenthening the Nordic competitiveness within the area. Students and senior researchers will be trained in different aspects of catalysis. The objective is to develop a new collaboration and new platforms based on the best experimental and theoretical facilities from the Nordic countries for rational design of catalysts.

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Henrik Grönbeck, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

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