Analytic and Continental Social Philosophy

The Research Training Course “Analytic and Continental Social Philosophy” is designed to update the knowledge of the Baltic and Nordic researchers and PhD students in continental and analytic social and political philosophy. The course aims to enhance the methods and skills of the researchers to the level required at the cutting edge of international philosophical research.

The course concentrates especially on methods and criteria of high quality research, through lectures, workshops and research clinics managed by distinguished academics of the field.

The teachers invited are Professor David Miller from the University of Oxford, UK and Professor Hugh J. Silverman from Stony Brook University, USA. Assistant teachers will be Professor Olli Loukola (Analytic Social Philosophy) from the Dep. of Political and Economic Studies of the University of Helsinki and Professor Tõnu Viik (Continental ethics), Head of the Estonian Institute of Humanities, Dep. of Philosophy and Cultural Theory (University of Tallinn).

A similar workshop, "Research Training Course: Analytic and Continental Ethics" was held in Tartu, Estonia on 17-24 May 2009, receiving wide acclaim from the participants and teachers.

The course takes place in Tallinn May 15-22 2011, hosted by the Estonian Institute of Humanities.

Facts about the project

Project number: 31741

Project leader

Olli Loukola, University of Helsinki, Finland