Arctic char; A species under threat and with great potentials in the age of climate change (NORDCHAR)

The Arctic char is a species under threat, well suited to be used as a model species for monitoring changes in the Nordic areas due to climate change. The NORDCHAR project focusses on both threats and opportunities involved in climate changes.

The NORDCHAR project will use new genetic methodologies as well as conventional life history ecology methods to make model-based analyses on the effects of climate change a valuable resource for the Nordic countries.

Leading scientists in freshwater ecology and in genetics from each participating country will join forces and thereby add value to the available data on Arctic char as well as producing new data.

The results may be used for policy-making for the fish farming industry, the recreational fishing industry, for genetic resource preservation, for conservation strategies and for management authorities.

Facts about the project

Project number: 37280

Project leader

Sigurdur Gudjonsson, Institute of Freshwater Fisheries, Iceland