BIPE: Barents International Political Economy: Governance and Gender in Development

Challenges of sustainable development in the Barents region require multidisciplinary and international research. Cooperation among Nordic researchers and Nordic institutes with Russian partners is an essential component of the BIPE research network.

The network focuses on collaborative activities to study and discuss two main themes:

  1. Governance of Development in the Barents region

The network will investigate historical, legal, and political contexts of the region and its development in order to understand the complexities and dynamics of sustainable development, including barriers to development.

They will also examine the relationship between governance, sustainable development, and the multiple perceptions of security (economic, environmental, human, national) that are currently playing a political role in the region.

  1. Gendered Development of the Barents region

Much of the economic potential and development in the Barents regions focuses on activities that are traditionally considered male activities and professions, such as mining, transportation, forestry and energy industry. The aim is to highlight the consequences of this gendered development and study alternative ways of understanding economic potential and development and the role of gender in sustainable development.

The network aims at a joint multidisciplinary publication which will discuss the local, regional and international politics of development and security in the Barents region. The results of the collaboration will be presented in a final BIPE conference in 2012 in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Facts about the project

Project number: 26800

Project leader

Monica Tennberg, University of Lapland – Lapin Yliopisto, Finland