BIOCOLD - Biotic response to climate change in cold climates

BIOCOLD brings together research groups that represent different methodological approaches within palaeoecology, palaeontology, and palaeoclimatology. The issue is the understanding of biotic responses at the end of the last ice age, species response patterns, migration processes, and extinctions leading to the present day distribution of biota.

Key targets of BIOCOLD are to:

  • establish a network of 48 scientists and 48 research students from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, as well as the UK
  • organise three workshops and one excursion
  • provide an opportunity for co-ordinated international training for the research students within BIOCOLD by funding mobility
  • increase scientific collaboration between the participating groups, thus creating a large functional community
Facts about the project

Project number: 26980

Project leader

Anne Elisabeth Bjune, Uni Reasearch, Norway