C.elegans researcher network of shared technology platforms

This network coordinates C. elegans laboratories located in the Nordic region, creating opportunities for sharing technological tools that, due to cost and technical requirements, are not available in other institutions.

The network is based on the shared use of the COPAS BioSorter, an automated nematode analysis, sorting and dispensing platform, and of the 4D microscopy platform, that enables quantitative image analysis of living cells in the embryo. Both are presently located at the Swedish C. elegans Infrastructure Center, in the Department of Bioscience and Nutrition, Karolinska Institute.

The network will:

  • increase the training opportunities in high throughput instrumentation for C. elegans scientists
  • facilitate the researchers exchange, overcoming the lack of geographic proximity of C. elegans labs and the paucity of training opportunities outside of the local laboratory
  • strengthen the scientific collaboration between the laboratories
  • create career development opportunities in the C. elegans field in the Nordic area
Facts about the project
Project leader

Anna Elisabetta Salcini, University of Copenhagen, Denmark