Climate change effects in arctic and alpine ecosystems

Understanding the effects of climate change on natural ecosystems is critical for our ability to grasp and deal with the challenges posed by climate change, as well as for adaptation and mitigation strategies. This course aims to strengthen research collaboration in climate impacts research in the Nordic countries and increase awareness of the research students of the ongoing issues in the field.

Research into climate change effects on terrestrial ecosystems is a multidisciplinary research field, involving predictive modelling, correlative ecological approaches such as gradient studies and biogeography, field and laboratory experiments, ecosystems ecology and exploring “lessons from the past”. The different research approaches have different strengths and weaknesses, and important steps forward can be made by closer multidisciplinary collaboration.

In this training course, Nordic research groups will come together to offer a multidisciplinary research course aiming to stimulate participating students to take a broader view on climate change effects, and to identify and exploit needs and opportunities for multidisciplinary research.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Vigdis Vandvik, University of Bergen, Norway