Combating breast cancer by digital pathology

The aim of this project is to develop software-based algorithms, which can facilitate the workflow and ensure objective and more precise results of the quantitative microscopy procedures in breast cancer.

The results of analyses of tissue biopsies by pathologists are crucial for breast cancer patients. In particular, the precision of a patient's prognosis, and the ability to predict the consequences of various treatment opportunities before actually exposing the cancer patient, depend on the detection and quantification of biomarkers in tissue sections by microscopy.

The strive for optimal treatment of the individual breast cancer patient relies on the increasing availability of more specific and efficient chemotherapies. However, these medications are associated with companion biomarkers to select those patients who will actually benefit from a particular treatment, and to deselect those who would only experience side effects, and therefore rather should receive alternative treatment.

Experience from the last decade has revealed that manual detection and quantification of biomarkers by microscopy of tissue biopsies is highly dependent on the competencies and stamina of the individual pathologist.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Johan Dorè Hansen, Visiopharm AS


PhD-student: Andreas Kårsnäs


Enterprise: Visiopharm AS, Denmark

University: Uppsala University, Sweden