CONES (Center Of Nordic Excellence in Software engineering)

The term software engineering originated in the late 60's and the purpose of research in software engineering was and is to introduce engineering perspectives when building software intensive systems.

Today research is focused on inventing, improving and introducing tools, knowledge and methodologies for the different activities connected to development of software. The Nordic countries started early on to do research in software engineering, mostly because industry in the Nordic countries is software intensive.

So far not much collaboration has taken place between different research facilities in the Nordic countries. The purpose of this network is to change this. The CONES network consists of three software engineering constellations: The Graduate School on Software Systems and Engineering (Finland), Simula Research Laboratory (Norway) and Software Engineering Research Laboratory (Sweden). These three groups are leading research constellations in software engineering and, furthermore, successful in competing on the world stage. The purpose with CONES is to bind research facilities in the Nordic countries closer together.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Richard Torkar, Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Sweden