Contemporary art and visual culture in education (CAVIC)

Art education in the traditional sense of technical and formal training, individual expression or art appreciation needs to be challenged. This can be done by experimental and cross-disciplinary research that explores issues such as human rights, environmental challenges, globalisation and consumerism.

The CAVIC network brings together Nordic and Baltic researchers and PhD-students who deal with the most central questions in contemporary visual education from the perspectives of curriculum studies, educational anthropology, philosophy of the arts, cultural studies, aesthetic education and art appreciation.

The network aims to:

  • strengthen, consolidate and develop Nordic and Baltic research and research training in visual education
  • compare research fields, methodological and epistemological approaches, and achieved results within research projects in the participating countries and to place these within a larger European perspective
  • understand the political, social and cultural conditions and needs that motivate contemporary research in visual education and to relate these to Nordic, European and international research perspectives in visual education
  • identify how Nordic research in visual education can contribute to the development of European educational policies in regard to human rights, environmental challenges, globalization and consumer culture, etc.
  • create a joint Nordic and Baltic PhD program in visual education
  • develop a joint EU FP7 application for a collaborative project together with invited partners from other countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy and Slovenia
Facts about the project
Project leader

Helene Illeris, Aarhus University, Denmark