Environmental Archaeology and Science in Archaeology: concepts, methods and practice

The aim of the course is to provide conceptual tools to better understand and conduct cross disciplinary studies (between the sciences and archaeology) within the framework of environmental archaeology.

"The course “Environmental Archaeology and Science in Archaeology: concepts, methods and practice” is organised as part of the Nordic Graduate School in Archaeology “Dialogues with the Past”.

The course will provide seminars on relevant on-going PhD projects in the Nordic countries, St. Petersburg and the Baltic countries. Bringing together senior researchers and PhD students involved in science-related and environmental projects will deepen networks.

The seminar aims at helping to develop future institutional collaboration in research and training, and lead to a better co-ordination of training efforts.

The course will accept 20 students, and is planned to take place 5 days in April 2011.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Christopher Prescott, University of Oslo, Norway