Ethical, legal and social aspects of Agriculture

Aquaculture is on the rise. With increasing pressure on natural resources the farming of fish seems an economically attractive alternative to more conventional ways of producing animals.

Aquaculture raises a number of technical and scientific questions such as “What can we do in relation to aquaculture?” or “What ought we to do in relation to aquaculture?”. The last question is not technical but ethical in nature.

This research training course will gather young researchers from the Nordic and Baltic countries who are working with different aspects of aquaculture and initiate this discussion with them.

Lecturers by senior researchers from a diversity of fields will focus on the legal, social, economical, environmental and ethical dimensions of aquaculture and discussions of cases from the world of aquaculture. The goal is to raise the awareness among young researchers about the social dimensions of their often technically oriented research and enable them to participate in a constructive manner in debates about the ethical aspects of aquaculture.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Helena Röcklinsberg, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Sweden