Fungi in boreal forest soils

Fungi in soil, plant roots, decaying wood etc. are major players in global nutrient and carbon cycling, and essential for boreal forest ecosystem functioning and health. There are an estimated 1.5 million different fungal species.

“Fungi in boreal soils” includes 15 research groups in North Europe. The network aims to:

  • promote emerging sequencing technologies in fungal ecology research
  • develop a unified nomenclature and database structure for environmental sequences and associated data
  • co-ordinate experimental planning in order to make supplementary data available for meta-analyses and modeling efforts
  • organise the development of a forest fungal identification microarray
  • offer PhD training in fungal molecular ecology
  • provide a forum for fungal ecology research co-ordination and “hard money” applications e.g. EU FP7 calls
Facts about the project
Project leader

Håvard Kauserud, University of Oslo, Norway