Future performance testing of pharmaceuticals

The partners in this researcher network share high quality knowledge all the way from polymorph screening to bioavailability. During the project period and beyond, the final goal is to generate comprehensive performance testings of pharmaceuticals.

Today 90% of the drugs in the pharmaceutical have poor solubility. Formulation strategy may increase the solubility, and, hence, if the permeability is not too much restricted, also increase the bioavailability.

Poor solubility is most often described as a solubility which does not allow adequate and consistent absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. Intestinal drug absorption can be viewed, simplistically, as a puzzle where a number of independent pieces interact with each other (e.g. solubility, dissolution, physicochemical properties of the drug, membrane permeability, transporter activity), in such a way that the extent of absorption is dependent on all those properties.

The participant groups in this network work in research areas close to each other, and partly overlapping, but still with slightly different emphasis: physicochemical characterization (Finland), solid state properties of materials (Denmark),better stability and bioavailability (Estonia) and various formulation technologies (Sweden).

Due to efficient utilisation of existing laboratory facilities and know-how in the different participating groups in the network, the level of research will reach higher scoring. Collaborative activities are research visits and exchange performed by young researchers and PhD students, as well as research meetings.

The research is expected to provide both new useful in silico decision tools for formulation of poorly soluble materials, as well as important insights providing a more fundamental understanding of formation, stability, dissolution and permeation behaviour of poorly soluble compounds for improved bioavailability of pharmaceuticals.

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Leena Peltonen, University of Helsinki, Finland


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