Generations, Multiculturalism and Nordic identity

Can specific forms of Nordic multiculturalism exist? How do they interact with the ideas concerning national identities and an overarching Nordic identity? The network "Generations, Multiculturalism and Nordic identity" approaches the topic from a generational perspective, looking at arising generational particularities of ethnic and national minorities in the five Nordic countries.

Research conducted within the network will provide theoretical and methodological tools to understand contemporary challenges faced by Nordic societies in terms of incorporating difference and preventing social exclusion. While the Nordic countries often formally emphasise cultural pluralism in their integration policies, a question worth asking is whether multiculturalism is possible in Nordic nation states. Is it possible for ethnic and national minorities to become part of national identities and/or a Nordic identity?

The network aims to establish cooperation between the pre-existing research clusters and to provide opportunities for international mobility and research training for PhD students and post-doc researchers. In collaboration with research partners from the five Nordic countries and the Baltic area, the network aims to achieve a comparative perspective on how minority relations, status of ethnic and national minorities, and perceived attitudes interact with the particularities of each national context.

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Auvo Kostiainen, University of Turku, Finland

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