HEXAnord, HEalth teXt Analysis network in the Nordic and Baltic countries

The HEXAnord-network will assist in building a shared framework for developing methods for processing health records and create a platform for mobility of researchers and students within the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Most current research on processing health records is currently ad-hoc and tailored to specific project situations. There are no available joint research programmes or courses in this field, neither in Europe nor in the Nordic countries.

Since there are very few groups in each Nordic country performing this type of research, cooperating in a Nordic context in text mining of electronic health records is crucial.

The HEXAnord network will contribute to such collaboration, by connecting research carried out in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. Each of the network partners has established individual research projects on text and data mining of electronic health records.

Coordination between the partners will result in a set of general tools, that will speed up development of techniques to analyse their respective health record data sets. In order to carry this out, the network plans to develop a fully anonymised and shared synthetic data set based on authentic electronic health records. This synthetic data set will be used for developing and evaluating the tools.

The results and findings will be made available to the public and stakeholders in the Nordic countries through seminars, conferences as well as popular science articles in all Nordic and Baltic languages.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Hercules Dalianis, DSV/KTH - Stockholm University, Sweden