Integrative Fish Behavioural Neuroscience Network

How is the behaviour of different fish species affected by climate? How can we better understand and tackle key issues associated with fish aquaculture, welfare, restoration, and climate change?

This network encourages exchange of ideas and enables collaboration across a multitude of disciplines that offer distinct, yet powerful tools for the study of behavioural neuroscience of fishes. The collected expertise of the participants includes general fish physiology (both at the phenotypic and genotypic level), genetic modification, genotype-phenotype interactions, molecular biology, biomedicine, evolutionary ecology, stress responses and neurotransmitter mechanisms, neuroanatomy and developmental neurobiology.

The main targets of the network are to foster the exchange of the ideas and expertise between the member groups, to establish joint experiments with a potential for a scientific break-through in the subject area and to facilitate the networking and training of the PhD students and post-docs.

Facts about the project

Project number: 32880

Project leader

Erik Höglund, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark