MADFish - Molecular Adaptation in Fish

The MADFish network works to further improve our understanding of spatial and temporal fitness variation and adaptation in a changing environment.

The activities of the MADFish network center around research on natural selection, fitness variation and molecular adaptation in non-mammalian vertebrates with emphasis on marine and freshwater fish under changing environmental conditions.

There is a need to better understand fitness variation both to interpret the patterns observed in nature and to identify and evaluate the risks natural populations are facing with environmental change. Current research and research training in this field in the Nordic countries are fragmented due to geographic separation and little focus on interdisciplinary activity.

MADFish aims to bring about a better appreciation of different approaches in the field. The participants use state of the art techniques in different fields of biology, including molecular genetics, cell biology, ecology and physiology and oceanography. The collaboration also includes Baltic and Russian scientists and students, and the network encourages collaboration with European and North American research environments.

Facts about the project

Project number: 16820

Project leader

Einar Arnason, University of Iceland, Iceland