Mapping the Mental Landscapes of Eurasia

This Nordic-South Korean research network, funded by NordForsk and the Academy of Korean Studies, aims to broaden and deepen the mutual understanding between the two most remote regions on the Eurasian landmass.

The Nordic countries make up a challenging point of reference for South Korea - one of the so-called Tiger economies of Eastern Asia. It is not, however, only the ways of organising our societies that have caught the interests of Korean scholars. The fact that the five Nordic countries have established an open and borderless region where people, companies, and political leaders are working together to find reasonable solutions to common problems is seen as remarkable.

The relations between South Korea and its nearest neighbours stand in stark contrast to the Nordic social and political harmony.

This research network will prepare the establishment of a research programme entitled "Mapping the Mental Landscapes of Eurasia". It aims to take advantage of the growing interest in Nordic ideas and solutions incipient in East Asia, and at the same time bring new comparative perspectives to the field.

Regional cooperation and solutions are increasingly coming into focus in this era of globalisation. As the Nordic region has a comparative advantage due to its long standing and well established collaborative institutions, this network will contribute in highlighting this fact and at the same time establish solid collaborative links with a vibrant East Asian research environment. The network focuses on East West studies, including Nordic studies, for future research and research training.

Facts about the project

Project number: 30260

Project leader

Geir Helgesen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark