Materialities of Time: Ritual, death and the practice of archaeology

This course offers an introduction to the topic of time in archaeology, deliberating on how archaeology recognises, explains and interprets time in the past, as well as how its methodological application of chronology and dating affects its understanding of temporal issues in the practice of archaeology and in past societies.

Various approaches to time will be explored through the perspective of rituals and death practices, which may offer particularly concrete ways of scrutinising understandings of time in the past as well as in the archaeological practice.

The course brings together PhD students working across various sub-disciplines of archaeology and exploits their different perspectives and strengths for mutual benefit.

Senior lecturers are chosen to represent a variety of theoretical and empirical points of departure, and will be able to offer diverse and wide-ranging angles on the theme based on their research in the field.

The course is a continuation of previous activities in the Nordic Graduate School in Archaeology, Dialogues with the Past which have been operating since 2004.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Helle Vandkilde, Aarhus University, Denmark