Mental health and evidence: linking research to practice

This network aims to create a common, multi-disciplinary platform for research, scientific seminars, and research courses in mental health with a focus on evidence and best practice in the Nordic region.

Improving mental health is one of the greatest challenges facing countries in the Nordic region. There is need for well-constructed studies that can increase our understanding of the needs of socially vulnerable populations.

A strategic Nordic approach to mental health research is needed to ensure the effective use of resources, to promote collaboration in research education and to support evidence-based policy decisions and effective, cost-efficient mental health work across the region.

Nordic countries have strong traditions in mental health research; however, the specific strengths differ between countries. This network will contribute to knowledge transfer between network partners that complement each other's competencies. The network includes researchers in the fields of psychology, nursing, sociology, psychiatry, social work, public health, health economics and political science.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Danuta Wasserman, Nordic School of Public Health (NHV)